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Personal Injury: October 2015 Archives

FDA Recalls Dietary Supplements Due to Dangerous Undeclared Ingredient

On August 24, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported a recall of 13 different dietary supplements produced by Novacare, LLC due to an undeclared ingredient, salicylic acid, which is harmful to consumers if swallowed. The FDA performed a sample analysis, found the salicyclic acid, and subsequently marked the products as unapproved new drugs. The Novacare products are used to aid in weight loss and are taken orally in capsule form. While the products have not yet been reported to have caused any injuries, they should be immediately returned to the Utah-based company.

Dangers and Safety Concerns of Haunted Houses

There is blood everywhere. A masked man is coming straight for you with an axe. Are you in danger? Maybe, but not for the reasons you think. It's October and you're at a haunted house. The masked man may not hurt you, but there are plenty of risks of injuries. Haunted houses walk a fine line by creating real fear without following through with the expected dangerous outcome. However, every now and again that line is crossed, whether it be negligent or intentional.

Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect: What Can You Do?

Are you concerned that a family member is being abused or neglected at a nursing home? Mistreatment at the hands of a caregiver can happen in long-term care facilities, including nursing homes. The mistreatment may take the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or even financial exploitation. Signs of elder abuse differ but each type of abuse has distinct signs associated with it.

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