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7 Ways to Avoid Backyard Dangers

kids-at-swing-1185902_1920.jpgAs summer approaches and children finish school it’s important to check your yard to make sure that it is free from serious hazards that could injure children. Some of the most common backyard hazards include playsets, zip-lines, trampolines, and fire pits. These quick steps will help you make sure that your backyard is safe and fun for the summer:

1. Survey your yard for safety hazards 2. Check play structures like playsets, treehouses, zip-lines, and trampolines for wear and tear, if they look unsafe, they probably are. 3. Use caution when grilling or having bonfires. Flames can spread quickly and cause serious injuries. 4. Always supervise children playing or hanging out in the backyard to make sure they are safe. 5. Never start a fire without an adult present. 6. Use all play equipment properly – don’t stand on swings, jump off of trampolines, or jump out of trees. 7. Make sure that all play structures have proper safety equipment and instructions on how to properly use the structure.

Safe and fun backyards will make your summer more enjoyable. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a dangerous condition in a backyard or at someone’s home, the attorneys at The Collins Law Firm have experiencing helping victims just like you. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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