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african-American-cdc-aeh1dbI_a7I-unsplash-1024x683Among the many ugly truths of COVID-19’s heartbreak and ruin, these are the ugliest:

  • In Milwaukee, African Americans are 70% of COVID-19’s deaths, but only 26% of the population.
  • In Louisiana, those numbers are 70% and 32%.

Thumbnail image for children-1309318_1280.jpgI strongly believe that there is. As a lawyer who has represented many thousands of families victimized by contamination of their air and water, I see the same things happening over and over again:

·Poor, inner-city minorities are disproportionately the victims of these environmental problems. To a far greater degree than their percentage of the population, poor minorities live near the factories, landfills, and traffic that belch filth into their environment. And they don’t have the resources to move away from it to protect themselves.

·Sometimes, the pollution comes to these poor, minority citizens….in the sense that a city will be much more willing to, say, permit a power plant to operate near poor minorities than permit it to be located in a middle-class neighborhood, or, God forbid, an upper-class neighborhood. And other times, the poor minorities come to the pollution….because it’s just cheaper to find a home or apartment there. But, regardless of whether poor minorities come to the pollution or vice versa, the two often wind up as “neighbors”.

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