Defective Product Attorneys In Naperville

When a product you buy does not function properly or does not contain proper safety warnings, it could lead to serious injuries and even death. At The Collins Law Firm, we are dedicated to holding the manufacturers of defective products and the companies that sell them accountable for their actions.

Contact our law firm in Naperville, Illinois, if:

  • You bought a product that malfunctioned, causing serious injury
  • Your vehicle's air bags failed to deploy in an accident, causing serious injuries
  • Your child's toy did not have the proper safety warnings, and your child was injured as a result

In situations like these, our experienced trial attorneys will take up your fight for the compensation you are entitled to receive. While the compensation we pursue will not make up for the loss of your health or the loss of a loved one, it can help ease the stress associated with overwhelming medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses.

We Are Aggressive Product Liability Lawyers

In this area of personal injury, you will likely be facing off against high-powered corporate counsel and skilled trial attorneys. Our lawyers can level the playing field.

We have the knowledge, skill, experience and resources that many large law firms enjoy. Additionally, we have a broad network of experts that we can work with to strengthen your case. We will be able to determine if a product was manufactured incorrectly, unnecessarily putting your health and life in danger.

Our track record — we have recovered more than $100 million in compensation for our clients — speaks for itself. When you are pursuing the compensation and medical care that you need to move on with your life, you should obtain the best possible legal representation.

Contact The Collins Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney at one of the Chicago area's premier personal injury law firms.