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What You Should Do If You Slip and Fall in a Store

supermarket-949913_1920.jpgSlip and fall accidents in stores or restaurants can be more than just embarrassing, they can lead to very serious injuries. These falls can be caused by uneven surfaces, dangerous flooring materials, or spills on the floor. Stores and restaurants have an obligation to keep you safe from dangerous conditions on their property. Many times, the restaurant or store knew about the dangerous condition that caused your fall but did nothing to keep you safe.

If you slip and fall in a store or restaurant, here is what you should do to make sure that you are protected:

Call an Ambulance or Seek Medical Attention

Call an ambulance if you are seriously injured. If you feel you don’t need an ambulance, seek medical attention from the local hospital or your doctor. You will want to make sure that you get checked out by a medical professional to ensure you get the treatment you need for your injuries. Even falls that don’t seem to be that hard can cause fractures or torn ligaments that will require medical attention. Finally, make sure to get a copy of your medical records and take pictures of your injuries if you can.

Make Sure an Incident Report Is Made

If possible, speak with a store manager and make sure that an incident report is made. Demand that the store document how you fell and what caused you to fall. Incident reports can be critical when you deal with the store’s insurance company or are trying to get your medical bills paid. Without an incident report, the store might not have any record of your fall and your injuries – and how they were wrongfully caused.

Contact a Lawyer to Help you Preserve Evidence

Contact an attorney immediately. Restaurants and stores often have video cameras, and you will need to get a copy of the footage. Take pictures of the scene of your fall and fill out important forms for their insurance. An attorney can make sure all of these critical pieces of evidence are preserved so that you can focus on your health. These photographs and videos can also help you identify what caused you to fall and can help force the store to make safety changes that will prevent future falls.

Lastly, if you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced Chicago and Illinois slip and fall attorney can help you recover for your injuries. Make sure your rights are protected by contacting a personal injury attorney with The Collins Law Firm as soon as possible.

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