Scott Pruitt: Too Many Conflicts of Interest to be Next EPA Chief

It is well known that President Trump’s pick to run the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has sued the EPA 14 times.

What is not so well known is that many of these lawsuits are still pending. Specifically, still pending are lawsuits that Pruitt filed charging that the EPA is behaving illegally for requiring big polluters-like the oil and gas companies that have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pruitt’s political campaigns-to cut down on the tonnage of toxic chemicals that they belch into the environment.

What happens to these lawsuits when Pruitt takes over at EPA? He goes from the one suing EPA, to the one being sued.

Does anyone really expect that Pruitt is suddenly going to have an environmental epiphany, repudiate his own allegations of illegal EPA behavior that he made just months ago as Oklahoma Attorney General, and force his political patrons (big oil and gas) to obey the law and stop polluting?

Or is he going to cause the EPA to stop fighting the lawsuits that he filed, thus gutting the EPA’s power to force polluters to stop polluting?

Can you say “conflict of interest”?

Can’t President Trump find someone to run the EPA who isn’t trying to put the EPA out of business?

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