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Rusty Drivers: 5 Safety Tips for Getting Back on the Road

car-commuter-driver-driving-7433-1024x682Coronavirus put a halt to the world as we know it, and it also put a stop to driving for many of us. We started working from home, getting groceries and meals delivered, avoiding gatherings, and staying home in the evening. With everything closed, there really was no need to drive. Now that states are starting to reopen, however, more people are out and about, and more drivers are getting back on the road. Some of the drivers out there, however,  haven’t driven in nearly 4 months! Given that many of us are out of practice, the roads might look a bit like they’re full of 16-year-old kids who just got their driver’s licenses. It’s important that we drive carefully and do whatever we can to make the roads safe for everyone, as we get back into the swing of things. The good news is that there are steps we can take to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible while we shake the rust off of our driving abilities.

Here are some suggestions for staying safe on the road.

  1. Possibly the most important thing we can all do is watch our speed. With fewer people out driving, roads have been less congested. This lack of traffic has led to an increase in speeding. The issue here lies with the combination of increased speed and rusty drivers on the road. Rusty drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. Increased speed means that, if accidents do happen, they’re going to be more serious than if everyone had been following the speed limit. Take a deep breath and slow down.
  2. Staying active while you’re stuck at home can keep you from being so rusty. Keeping your activity level up helps maintain your reflexes and muscle mass. If your body is fit and ready to go, getting behind the wheel again will not feel as unfamiliar.
  3. Start with shorter trips. If you haven’t driven in four months, you may not want your first drive post-lockdown to be a long drive on the freeway. You can work your way up to longer trips as you feel more comfortable.
  4. Check your car before you drive it again for the first time. Ensure your tires aren’t flat and check your mirrors to make sure you have good visibility before hitting the road.
  5. Be sure to drive attentively. Even if you don’t feel rusty, other drivers on the road do. It’s always important to be alert and aware when you’re driving, but it’s especially important now. Make sure to avoid distractions while driving. Eating, checking your phone, changing the music, or talking to passengers are just a few key distractions to avoid.

If we follow these steps as we transition back to our usual driving habits, we’re sure to get there safely. Some of us may feel rusty, but with a little practice, we can all get back our pre-pandemic driving skills and enjoy being out on the road again.

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