Parents Beware: Fisher-Price Recalls 4.7 Million Rock ‘N Play Sleepers

If you are putting your infant to sleep in an inclined sleeper, you should stop using it and find an alternative.


Photo courtesy of the Consumer Product Safety Commission

On April 12th, Fisher-Price recalled 4.7 million of their inclined Rock ‘N Play Sleepers and advised parents to stop using the product immediately. The American Academy of Pediatrics had previously urged the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall the Fisher-Price Sleeper after a Consumer Reports investigation revealed that it was tied to 32 infant deaths.

The day before the Fisher-Price recall, Consumer Reports also called for a recall of the Kids II Ingenuity Moonlight rocking sleeper, after 4 deaths were linked to that product.

According to Consumer Reports, experts recommend that infants be placed flat on their backs, away from soft bedding, in order to minimize the risk of suffocation. Furthermore, the American Academy of Pediatricians does not recommend letting babies sleep in inclined products that require restraining a baby, especially if they rock.

The Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play and the Kids II Ingenuity Moonlight rocking sleeper are designed and marketed for babies to sleep in an inclined position while rocking. According to the AAP, this puts infants’ lives at risk.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission had previously issued a warning to consumers to stop using the Rock ‘N Play when infants turn 3 months old or “as soon as an infant exhibits rollover capabilities.” They had also reported that 10 infant deaths had occurred after infants rolled from their backs to their stomachs while unrestrained. But that was not the whole story. Consumer Reports discovered multiple deaths of babies younger than three months where rolling over was presumably not a consideration.

Fisher-Price confirmed that they were aware of 32 fatalities since the Rock “n Play Sleeper was introduced in 2009, but stated that they did not believe the deaths were caused by the sleeper. They pointed to “medical conditions” or the sleeper being used in a “manner contrary to the safety warnings and instructions” as possible causes.

Although Consumer Reports did find some cases with contributing factors, the number of deaths linked to the Rock ‘N Play Sleeper raised serious safety concerns about the product. These concerns convinced the American Academy of Pediatricians that the sleeper should be recalled, putting the safety of infants first.

Currently, there are millions of potentially dangerous Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleepers in family homes, and parents need to know these may put their baby in danger. If you or someone you know has an inclined sleeper, please stop using it immediately. The risk is not worth it. No one should lose a child because of a product that is supposed to help them get a good night’s sleep.

The Collins Law Firm knows what it takes to represent families who have been hurt by defective devices and how to fight back against major corporations who care more about profits than people. If your family has experienced a loss or an injury of a beloved child due to the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, please reach out to us at 630-527-1595. We can help.


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