Beach Park Anhydrous Ammonia Toxic Spill Attorneys

Beach-Park-300x190We are environmental personal injury lawyers with years of experience representing the victims of chemical exposure. People who are injured as a result of toxic exposure have a special kind of case: a toxic tort case which is a personal injury and environmental case blended together. The victims of the toxic spill of anhydrous ammonia in Beach Park, Illinois may have a toxic tort lawsuit against the person responsible for the spill and will need an experienced environmental lawyer to represent them. Our toxic tort attorneys can help them fight for the maximum compensation for their injuries.

What Happened in Beach Park, Illinois?

A tractor was pulling two large containers of anhydrous ammonia when they began leaking near Green Bay Road and 29th street in Beach Park. The spill created a large and dangerous chemical cloud in the area, prompting authorities to close all of the public schools in the area and to warn residents within a one-mile radius to stay indoors with their windows closed. In addition, dozens of people affected by the toxic gas were taken to area hospitals. Most of the victims were treated and released, but some remain in the hospital. Now, the National Transportation Safety Board has announced they will be conducting an investigation to see how this spill happened.

How is Anhydrous Ammonia Hazardous to Your Health?

Anhydrous ammonia, an agricultural fertilizer, is extremely hazardous when inhaled. Symptoms of anhydrous ammonia exposure include:

  • nose, throat and eye irritationanhydrous-ammonia
  • burns and blisters
  • breathing difficulties

Anhydrous ammonia is so toxic that even a couple of breaths can paralyze a person’s airways. Inhaling high levels of this dangerous gas can cause:

  • swelling or paralysis of the airways
  • loss of consciousness
  • pulmonary damage
  • pulmonary edema (fluid buildup in the lungs)
  • death

Investigating Anhydrous Ammonia Lawsuits Now

If you or someone you know has been made sick by exposure to anhydrous ammonia as a result of the toxic spill in Beach Park, IL, call our experienced toxic tort lawyers at 630-527-1595 for a free evaluation of your case. We will help you get the compensation you deserve.



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