Slip-And-Fall Lawyers Serving The Chicago Area

Homeowners, business owners, property owners and tenants have an obligation to make sure their properties are reasonably safe for people allowed onto the property. Failure to do so can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and even death. If you are the victim of a property owner's negligence, you need to obtain legal representation quickly to protect your rights.

Our attorneys at The Collins Law Firm in Naperville, Illinois, represent individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of a property owner or tenant's carelessness, including slipping and falling because of icy or wet surfaces, broken pavement, dog attacks, mold exposure, inadequate lighting, inadequate security, spills, and other unsafe conditions that property owners created or failed to address before it was too late.

It Is Important To Act Quickly When You Are Hurt In A Slip-And-Fall Accident

In addition to seeking medical attention and making sure all of your treatment is properly documented, there are several steps that you must take to preserve critical evidence when you are hurt in a slip-and-fall accident or as a result of the conditions at a property. Those include:

  • Reporting your accident to a manager or building owner and making sure the report is properly documented.
  • Taking pictures of the unsafe conditions that led to your accident. If you wait, you will give the property owner time to make repairs and cover up any evidence.
  • Speaking with witnesses. It is important to get their contact information if you need to speak to them again.

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