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Medical Malpractice Can Cause Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that results from damage to the brain. CP can lead to problems with movement, posture, and muscle coordination. Additionally, CP can shorten the lifespan of a child and require that the child have around the clock care.

Thumbnail image for little-girl-1381471_1920.jpgCerebral palsy is often caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain, also known as hypoxia, or insufficient oxygen to the body, known as asphyxia. Premature delivery or trauma during birth have also been known to cause CP. This life-altering condition can be caused by medical malpractice. If a doctor, nurse, or hospital fails to properly monitor or treat a mother and her fetus, significant damage can occur.

However, just because a baby is born with cerebral palsy, it doesn’t always mean that medical mistakes have been made. There are times when doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals act with the greatest care while attending to mother and baby, and there are still negative outcomes.

To know whether or not medical negligence played a role in your child’s development of cerebral palsy, look for the following:-

· Failure to identify and treat infections in the mother during her pregnancy

· Failure to monitor the fetal heart rate appropriately during labor and childbirth

· Failure to schedule and perform a cesarean section surgery when the baby cannot be properly delivered vaginally

· Delaying a C-section surgery that is needed due to emergency

· Failing to identify a prolapsed umbilical cord or a cord wrapped around the baby’s neck.

· Other mistakes by the doctor or nurses, such as using forceps unnecessarily or a vacuum during delivery.

Approximately 20 percent of all CP cases result from brain damage that occurs during the birth process. The time spent in the delivery room is a particularly delicate period. Even slight errors can have a lifelong impact on the health of your baby. Typically, the placenta and umbilical cord deliver oxygen to your baby as it is being born. If complications arise or medical negligence occurs, this crucial oxygen supply can be cut off, causing irreparable harm to your baby.

If your child was injured during birth, it is important that you speak with a lawyer who can protect you and your family as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn how an experienced Chicago birth injury lawyer can help you. We proudly serve clients and their families in Naperville, Chicago, and throughout Illinois.

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