Groundwater Contamination Attorneys

Many communities utilize groundwater to supply residents with water that is suitable for drinking, cooking and bathing. Unfortunately, if a nearby corporation has been dumping toxic chemicals in a way that reaches the groundwater supply, your health and property can be put at serious risk.

At The Collins Law Firm, our Naperville, Illinois-based attorneys travel nationwide to meet with and represent the victims of groundwater contamination and other types of industrial pollution. Our aggressive trial lawyers have the skills, experience and resources to go toe-to-toe with the negligent, reckless corporate polluters who have caused the environmental contamination. Arrange a consultation by reaching us online or by telephone today.

Residential Water Supply Pollution Is A Silent Danger

If a corporation has been dumping toxic chemicals unchecked, people may have been drinking, cooking and bathing in water laced with dangerous chemicals such as TCE and PCE for years. When faced with the shocking news that you and your family have been exposed to water contamination, you need trial attorneys who have experience litigating groundwater contamination cases.

It is essential that you obtain the right legal representation when you, your family and your neighbors are suffering from illnesses such as cancer, and your home has lost much, perhaps all, of its value.

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing victims of groundwater contamination and have a nationwide network of scientific experts that we can work with to help us determine the extent of the pollution and the most effective methods to clean up the contamination. Additionally, as veterans of many class action lawsuits, we are skilled at keeping our clients united because we keep them informed, and we have a deep understanding of what is at stake for them.

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