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Have you recently seen the news that the Vantage Specialty Chemicals facility in Gurnee, IL has been emitting a cancer causing chemical, called ethylene oxide, into the air for years? Are you questioning whether that toxin may have caused your cancer? Our experienced environmental cancer attorneys can help you answer that question. The Collins Law Firm is now investigating toxic tort lawsuits for people living or working within 1 mile of the Vantage Chemical Specialties plant at 3938 Porett Dr., in Gurnee, IL who have been diagnosed with one of the cancers linked to ethylene oxide exposure.

The Collins Law Firm Can Help You Investigate a Possible Cancer Lawsuit

We are a trusted, environmental personal injury law firm, and we have been representing clients diagnosed with cancer after being exposed to toxic chemicals for years. We are unique among personal injury firms, because we have decades of experience dealing with the complex science that is a part of these “toxic tort” cancer cases. These lawsuits are not typical personal injury cases, like the car crashes or slip and falls, which most personal injury firms handle. They are an environmental lawsuit and a personal injury case blended into one complex case and require the right kind of scientific experts and legal experience.

Residents of Gurnee living near the Vantage Specialty Chemicals plant, who are facing the terrible realization that their cancer may have been caused by the facility’s ethylene oxide emissions, need legal representation. They need an experienced toxic tort lawyer to help them get justice. They need Vantage to be held accountable if the company has made them sick. And they need their government to use its authority to stop the company from continuing to contaminate the community. That is exactly what we do at The Collins Law Firm: we fight for neighborhoods and families who have been impacted by toxic chemicals and we make polluters take responsibility for the damage they have caused. We have years of experience fighting big polluters, the EPA and the government– and winning.

Is Ethylene Oxide Contaminating Gurnee, IL?ethylene-oxide-thumb-300x215-106628-thumb-300x215-106629-thumb-300x215-106633-thumb-300x215-106635

Vantage Specialty Chemicals in Lake county has been emitting a cancer causing chemical, ethylene oxide, into the surrounding community since 1987, with a serious increase in the amount since 2010. In fact, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Vantage could pose an even greater risk than the Sterigenics facility in Willowbrook, IL which has recently come under fire after a Department of Health and Human Services report revealed that their ethylene oxide emissions were making nearby residents 64 times more likely to develop cancer. Shockingly, the Vantage facility in Gurnee has reported ethylene oxide emissions higher than Sterigenics for seven of the last eight years. The only reason Vantage hasn’t been highlighted on the EPA’s National Air Toxics Assessment map–which defines areas around the country with higher cancer risk due to air pollution — is that someone at the state level failed to provide the facility’s ethylene oxide emissions to the U.S. EPA. Illinois’ two senators and the local congressman are now calling on the US EPA to investigate the Vantage facility in the same way they investigated the Willowbrook facility. If Sterigenics is creating a public health hazard in Willowbrook with their emissions, then it stands to reason that Vantage is threatening the health of nearby residents with their emissions, as well.

What Is Ethylene Oxide?

Ethylene oxide is a colorless, high reactive gas that is sometimes used as a sterilizing agent for medical equipment. Sources of ethylene oxide emissions to the air include uncontrolled emissions or venting in industrial settings. Once in the air, ethylene oxide can enter your body when the air is breathed into your lungs. More importantly, Ethylene oxide has been listed on the federal list of carcinogens as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” since 1985. In 2000, that listing was changed to “known to be a human carcinogen“. Finally, in 2016, the US EPA released a new assessment of ethylene oxide that concluded that it was 30 times more likely to cause cancer than previously believed.

Ethylene Oxide Is Linked to Cancer and Other Health Effects

According to multiple federal agencies, there is strong evidence in human scientific studies that ethylene oxide is linked to an increased risk of:

  • Breast cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Leukemia
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Lymphomas

There is also some evidence that ethylene oxide is linked to:

  • Stomach cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer

Scientific studies on rats and mice also suggest a possible link to:

  • Gliomas of the brain
  • Lung cancer
  • Peritoneal mesothelioma
  • Uterine cancer

Other possible health effects from exposure:

  • Miscarriages
  • Testicular degeneration

What Should You Do if You live in Gurnee?

If you work, live or used to live close to the Vantage plant in Gurnee, IL and have been diagnosed with cancer or one of the above health issues, consult your doctor and ask if your illness might have an environmental cause. Then talk to one of our experienced environmental personal injury attorney to see if you may have a lawsuit against the company.

What Can You Recover in a Cancer Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of toxic air pollution you may be able to recover damages such as:lawyers-1000803_1920-thumb-300x199-103075-300x199

  • Loss of wages, past and future
  • All Medical expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of a loved one (in the event a loved one has passed away)

If you believe you have been impacted by the ethylene oxide contamination from the Vantage plant in Gurnee, and have questions about your health or legal options, please call one of the experienced environmental personal injury attorneys at The Collins Law Firm today at 630-527-1595 to protect your rights. Or call attorney Shawn Collins directly at 630-527-1595 ext. 221 and let us help you fight back!

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