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Cheerleading and Concussions: The Hidden Dangers in this Popular Sport for Girls

Darcy at football game 1.jpgCheerleading has long been a popular sport for girls, with football games and cheerleading being a Friday night staple in this country. Recently, a lot of focus has been put on the dangers of concussions in football, but very little attention has been paid to the concussion dangers involved with cheerleading. And that may be putting our children in danger.

Choosing Brains over Brawn: School Districts Replace Tackle Football Program with Flag Football

football-1291426_1920.jpgLast week, in a surprising but welcome move, Naperville's School District 203 announced that beginning next year, the middle school tackle football program will be replaced with flag football. Naperville's School District 204 made a similar decision earlier in April. The announcements came after several seasons of decreasing participation in the sport and growing parental concern about their children's safety, particularly with regard to concussions.

Study Shows Long Term Effects in Children from All Levels of Traumatic Brain Injury

football-1647347_1920.jpgYour child plays a sport with a high incidence of concussions--like football, soccer or hockey--and he or she has had a concussion in that sport. Should you be worried? Maybe, according to a recent study by physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians.

High School Football Personal Injury Prevention And Protection

As of this weekend, high schools across the state will be required to get catastrophic health insurance for their sports players. Known as the "Rocky Clark Law" (named for the Eisenhower High School player paralyzed from an injury in 2000) the law will require that every student-athlete be covered for millions of dollars for healthcare stemming from catastrophic personal injuries. The law is expected to be signed in by the Illinois Governor later this weekend. Many school districts already require, or provide, large health insurance for student athletes. While this long can go a long way towards helping injured young people and their families deal with a tragedy after it happens, more important are efforts to avoid tragedies, and prevent injuries, before they happen. That is where programs to educate student athletes come in. As part of USA Football's "Heads Up" program, student athletes, in one of the most violent contact sports played, are being taught how to play the game safer. It is all part of an initiative to make sports safer, and avoid serious personal injuries such as concussions from occurring in young people nationwide. A copy of Rock Clark's Law can be found by clicking here

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