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Environmental contamination: May 2017 Archives

Will President Trump Listen to Pope Francis on the Importance of Protecting the Environment?

When Pope Francis met with President Trump at the Vatican this past week, Francis gave him a copy of his 2015 Encyclical, which passionately argued that the environment is God's gift to mankind, to benefit all mankind, and therefore that the powerful must not exploit it for their selfish purposes.

The Frequently-Found Industrial Chemicals That Cause Cancer

"Does this chemical cause cancer?" is one of the first questions I get from a mom or dad who has just learned that, unbeknownst to them, a toxic chemical from an industrial source has been in their family's air or water supply for years.

Do You Live Near One of the Most Contaminated Sites in the Country?

pollution-1365625_1280.jpgThe most dangerously contaminated sites in the US are "Superfund" sites. There are, currently, 1,317 of them. New Jersey has the most-114-while California and Pennsylvania follow right behind. The map in this article identifies all of the Superfund sites, and allows you to search for where such sites may be in your state. http://time.com/4695109/superfund-sites-toxic-waste-locations/

A Tragedy Almost Too Large to Imagine: 1.7 Million Children Die Every Year From Pollution

children-1309318_1280.jpgA recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, every year, some 1.7 million children worldwide die because their air and water are too polluted. The world they live in is killing them.

When is Trump White House Disarray a Good Thing? When it Stops his Assault on the Environment, That's When.

trump-1843504_1920 (1).jpgPresident Trump and his administration have been walloped in recent weeks with revelations that Trump tried repeatedly to get FBI Director Comey to shut down the investigation into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and the Russians, ultimately firing Comey when he wouldn't agree to stand down like the President insisted. This was followed swiftly by news reports that Trump gave away highly-classified national security secrets during a bizarre, Russian-media-only Oval Office meeting between Trump and the Russians' most notorious spies, which featured Russian photos of the President grinning like an idiot with his guests, just minutes before giving them our precious secrets. Then came the reports that the President had appointed the now-disgraced Michael Flynn to be his National Security Advisor, despite knowing that Flynn was then under investigation for a relationship with a foreign government. Finally (for the moment, at least), the Justice Department appointed an honest-and-tough-as-the-day-is-long special and independent counsel, Robert Mueller, to take over the investigation into Trump and the Russians, because the public did not trust Trump to quit interfering with the investigations that had been started.

Pruitt is a Coward: He'll Only Talk to Friendly Media

Scott Pruitt 2 (2).jpgAfter having been rightly scorched for his stupidly false recent public statement that humankind's behavior may not be a major contributor to global warming, EPA chief and oil industry hack Scott Pruitt has taken to discussing his views almost exclusively with media he trusts to lob him only friendly, softball questions. Mostly, that means Fox News.

How Chemicals Can Hurt Us

analysis-218857_1280.jpgThe Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) is a federally funded organization which researches the impact on human health of various chemicals. In short, the ATSDR tells us what makes us sick. Below is a summary of what the ATSDR says about how certain dangerous chemicals threaten our health, and where you are most likely to find them. While most of these chemicals are notoriously found near old industrial sites and landfills, this list highlights other places where they are typically found:

Where is Air Pollution Worst in Your State?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for industry-1752876_1280.pngHealth researchers have long known that air pollution causes certain cancers and heart disease. With this in mind, the Healthgrove organization collected data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in order to identify the county in each state in the US with the worst air pollution. Here are just some of those counties:

Why Chemicals are More Dangerous to Children Than to Adults

baby-84552_1920.jpgThe world is rushing head-long into ever greater dependence on dangerous man-made chemicals. We now accept these chemicals are a part of our everyday lives-at home, at work, in schools, etc. But, rather than just accept this as an unavoidable reality, we must pause for a moment to consider this chilling thought: these chemicals are frequently more dangerous (often far more dangerous) to children than to adults. Scientists now know that chemical exposures that would not harm adults can in fact cause great, even life-threatening, impact to children. Here's why:

Enough Already with the President's Destructive War on Science

Thumbnail image for donald-2075124_1920.pngWho is Donald Trump trying to impress with his demands to slash spending on scientists and scientific research, and his twitter-blizzard attacks on established science (climate change, as but one of many examples)?

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