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Medical Bills - What If Your Do Not Have Health Insurance?

Whether it be in a car accident, slip and fall, construction accident, or any other incident where you are injured and it is not your fault, your number one concern should be getting better. Sadly, for many folks, a close second to that concern is, "without health insurance, what do I do about my medical bills?" The purpose of personal injury claims, whether they be injury lawsuits in court, or claims settled through insurance companies, is to get full compensation for the victim -- including payment of medical bills. What many injured people do not realize is that from the time you are injured until the time your claim is resolved, those medical bills need to be dealt with. A good personal injury attorney can help you with that process. Whether it be getting payment plans set up, getting the bills deferred, managing liens that may be filed, or uncovering medical payment coverage you never knew you had, an attorney is your best resource for getting medical bills not only potentially paid at the close of a matter, but also managed throughout the process. Personal injury attorneys are skilled at finding available insurance coverage and resolving medical liens, which can mean not only smaller bills but also less headaches in getting those bills resolved. If you are injured and it is not your fault, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible so you know what your rights are. Trying to navigate things like medpay coverage, medical liens, lien reductions, the common fund doctrine, and other matters related to medical expenses is extremely difficult for someone who is not experienced in these matters. Do not shortchange yourself with something as important as getting better and getting full compensation for your injuries. 

Recorded Statements - Who Are You Helping?

Insurance companies love to take "recorded statements" of people involved in situations where someone was injured. Even before a personal injury case is filed, adjusters and others at insurers will contact personal injury victims asking them if they would be willing to give a recorded statement on what happened. Before you give a recorded statement as the victim of an injury you need to think: who am I helping with this? While you may feel giving the responsible party's insurance company a recorded statement of what happened will help your claim get resolved quicker or for more money, you are most likely incorrect. Any personal injury attorney will advise you that, in most situations, as a personal injury victim, giving a recorded statement to the responsible party's insurance company without representation is not in your best interest. Personal injury lawyers know that insurance companies often use recorded statements against the people who gave them, regularly trying to say that the victim is changing their story or that based on a specific way the question was asked, they were not hurt how, or as badly, as they claim in a lawsuit (which they may have no choice but to pursue). If you are the victim of a car accident injury, slip and fall injury, or any other personal injury, and you are asked to give a recorded statement, you should check with an experienced injury attorney first to know if you should give the statement, and what your legal rights are. A lawyer you retain is there to protect you and your best interest. 

Fireworks Injuries - Leave The Displays To The Pros

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and that means fireworks. Everyone loves going to big fireworks displays with their family. But, sadly, some people still also enjoy setting off their own fireworks -- amateurs playing with dangerous explosives in an uncontrolled environment. The dangers of fireworks, especially when it comes to personal injuries, would seem obvious. However, based on the statistics compiled by the National Fire Protection Association, apparently the injury dangers are not clear to everyone:

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