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One Crash, Two Claims - Car Accident Issues

Many people do not realize that when they are in a car accident, whether minor or serious, two potential claims are created: property damage and bodily injury. With the way insurance policies are written these days, and the way the claims are processed, it is important for the average driver to understand the realities of how to get compensated for injuries suffered in a car accident, whether they be related to your property or your body.

Property Damage. The most common claim that gets attributed to a property damage portion of a policy is the damage to the car itself. But, it is not just limited to that. Items in the car, articles of clothing, or even damage to the area around the crash, all fall under property damage. The owners of this property are entitled to fair compensation for the value of what they lost, often determined by the fair market value of the item immediately before it was damaged, or the cost to fix it and put it back in the condition it was in immediately before it was damaged. What drivers need to be aware of is that these claims are often assigned to insurance adjusters who just handle these types of claims, and not bodily injury claims. Thus, for one accident, there can not only be two claims, but two insurance adjusters as well.

Bodily Injury. These claims are for the people physically hurt in a car crash, whether they be the driver, a passenger, or even someone outside of the cars that was struck. Their personal injury claims fall under bodily injury coverage provisions of insurance policies. Whether the injuries are minor, some bumps and bruises, up to broken bones, concussions, or even death, all claims for injuries to a person in a car accident fall under bodily injury coverage.

Given the complexities of modern insurance policies, and the practices of some insurance companies in processing claims, it is important that you know your rights if you are injured in a car accident, or any type of accident. Only an experience attorney can properly advise you of what your rights are in any given situation involving a car accident. Before giving any type of statement to an insurance company, if you are in an accident and suffered any type of injury, you should speak with an attorney who has your interest in mind. 

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