The Collins Law Firm has been informed that employment ads for an administrative assistant have been created under the name The Collins Law Firm - Chicago, Illinois on various websites. We want you to know that these are fake job postings. The fake job posting says that The Collins Law Firm is looking to hire a full-time Executive Administrative Assistant or Administrative Assistant, and interested applicants should please forward their resume and a representative from our Recruiting Team will contact you.

Once you have expressed an interest, and forwarded your resume, you will receive a follow-up email from someone stating that they are the CMO at The Collins Law Firm. In addition, the email will state that they are planning to establish a branch in your area and will be setting up the office space shortly. We want you to know that our firm does not have a "CMO," and is not establishing "branches" anywhere.

Some of these contacts have come from someone calling herself Melissa Jelicks. But there are now others using different names. Please be advised that the Collins Law Firm does not employ an individual called Melissa Jelicks and it has no connection to the employment ads referred to in the above alert.