Why should Illinois drivers hire a lawyer after an auto accident?

Although they may choose to act on their own, there are several reasons why it may benefit those injured in car wrecks to obtain legal counsel.

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports there were 313,316 auto accidents across the state in 2015 alone. In addition to potentially causing damage to the vehicles involved, such wrecks often result in serious injuries or death for the drivers and passengers of those autos. For many, this may lead to undue expenses, including medical bills and lost wages. While many choose to act on their own in such cases, there are several reasons why it may benefit those who have suffered harm in car crashes to obtain legal representation.

Familiarity with the laws

Although people who have suffered injuries and other losses as a result of motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to take legal action, there are numerous legalities involved. For example, the state of Illinois enforces a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims, which means those who suffer harm may lose their right to seek damages if they do not initiate their actions within that timeframe. The average person may not be familiar with the applicable statutes or understand how they may affect their situations. Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, are often knowledgeable about the laws, and may use their experience to make certain their clients meet the associated deadlines and follow the appropriate procedures.

Understanding damages

When it comes to seeking damages for motor vehicle collisions, it is not difficult for people to calculate their up-to-date associated expenses. However, gauging their future medical bills, lost income and other losses may be more challenging. Having likely approximated the future medical expenses of other auto accident survivors, personal injury attorneys may be more familiar with how to achieve the most accurate estimation. This may help people ensure that the settlements or judgments they receive make them as close to whole for their losses as possible.

Negotiating with the insurance companies

Many people rely on their insurance carriers or those of the other drivers involved to cover their losses after motor vehicle collisions. When it comes to offering settlements, however, the insurance companies often put their own bottom line above the needs of the auto accident survivors. On their own, negotiating a fair settlement may seem a daunting task, and people may be intimidated into taking less than they are entitled to receive. Attorneys who focus on car wreck claims are not easily swayed, and stay focused on their clients' best interests.

Alleviating the strain of auto accident losses

Following auto accidents in Illinois and elsewhere, the financial losses may make an already difficult time all the more challenging. Depending on the circumstances, though, the drivers responsible for causing such collisions may be held liable for the resulting damages. Consulting with a legal representative may help those who have experienced such situations to understand their rights and options. An attorney may look out for their interests and guide them through the claims processes.