Some ways in which business premises can be unsafe in winter

Many businesses in Illinois are dangerous during the winter, whether it is due to sidewalks that have not been shoveled, wet floors or something else.

In Illinois, winter often means snow and ice, which can be great for those who love sledding and, well, not great for those who must drive every day and visit premises that may not be safe. For example, the goal behind the Snow and Ice Removal Act is to encourage residential property owners to shovel snow and ice to keep their premises as safe as possible. Still, plenty of slip-and-fall accidents and other types of accidents occur on private and business properties. Here is a look at business properties in particular and how they can be unsafe in winter.

Wet floors

When snow gets tracked in, the result can be wet-and unsafe-floors that lead to slip-and-falls. Approaches such as wet floor signs, regular inspections and floor maintenance and non-slip mats can minimize these risks. Moreover, umbrella holders near doorways can help ensure that water from umbrellas does not drip all over the floor.

Communication with employees

As far as employees go, managers should send out communications addressing points such as being ready for black ice forming, wearing slip-resistant shoes or boots, using only paths designated safe, and taking care of spills right away. There should also be a way for employees to report unsafe conditions to someone in maintenance or to a manager.

Outdoor maintenance

Sometimes, the sidewalks, steps and parking lot of a business remain ice-covered or snow-covered long after they should have been cleared. It is unfair to ask employees, customers and clients to risk their health every day when navigating these structures. Therefore, business property owners should make sure these areas are promptly and properly cleared of ice and snow.

Unnatural Accumulations of Ice and Snow

Often, business invitees are injured by slip and falls on unnatural accumulations of ice and snow. An example would be a down spout from a gutter that empties out directly onto a sidewalk entrance to a business. The water from the downspout t can freeze over causing a hidden danger to people at the property. To avoid this potential danger, business property owners need to regularly inspect their properties for areas where an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow can occur.

Winter can be a uniquely dangerous time in Illinois because, no matter where people go after a snow storm or ice storm, they are faced with many hazards. If someone has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, car accident or related accident, it can be a good idea to consult an attorney.