Minooka Administrator Sued Over Illegally Obtained Closed Session Recording Provided Over Social Media

April 4, 2014, Minooka, Illinois. A Minooka high school administrator is back in the news. The high schools' principal, Darcie Kubinski, who was under fire for tweeting students recently, was named in a lawsuit involving social media. The lawsuit alleges that Darcie Kubinski shared confidential student records on social media.

In particular, the complaint filed in Will County Circuit Court alleges that an illegally recorded closed session of a Board of Education meeting (where student records involving a bullying incident were discussed) was disseminated by Ms. Kubinski over iTunes. The lawsuit was filed after the family's attempts to address the issue with the Minooka Community High School District #111 informally failed.

The family is seeking a change in school district policy so that no other student's privacy is violated in this fashion, and to further respect the confidentiality of each student's personal information. It is the family's position in this matter that a school official should not be able to use social media as a tool to violate such privacy rights.

The family is also asking that Ms. Kubinski be held responsible for the attorney's fees and costs necessary to make the appropriate changes in the district's social media policy.

The Plaintiffs are represented by Aaron W. Rapier of The Collins Law Firm, Naperville, Illinois.

Copies of the Complaint are available upon request: arapier@collinslaw.com