How to choose the right nursing home in Illinois

When your aging loved ones are no longer able to take care of themselves without aid, it might be time to consider placing them in a nursing home where they can be comfortable, safe and secure. To better avoid the chances of being involved in a legal case related to elderly care, it is best to know what to look for while checking out Illinois' nursing homes.

Tour the home and listen to how the residents sound

As you tour the nursing home, how does everything sound? Are residents moaning or crying for help? If so, are the sounds coming from residents who have dementia? You also want to listen to how the staff members speak to residents. Specifically, make note of whether employees speak with residents formally by their names, or if they refer to them with placeholders like "ma'am" or "grandma." If staff members do not show respect to the residents you see on your tour, chances are they will not show respect to your aging loved one.

See if the home has had health or safety violations

Do some research on your own to see if the nursing home has had any violations of safety or health codes in the past. Illinois, for example keeps track of findings of abuse and neglect. However, now that the existence of such violations does not mean you should automatically dismiss the home. Some violations are minor and can be easily and quickly taken care of. You should also take a look around the premises to see if there are any areas or hazards that can cause a resident to lose her or his footing.

Take note of the condition of the staff

Be sure to take time to interact with the staff while on your tour. See if they appear happy at work, get along well with the residents and seem tired or stressed. An overworked staff could be an indication that the nursing home is not sufficiently staffed, which could lead to mistakes as well as unhappy residents.

See if the home is involved with the local community

You might like the idea of the nursing home working with the surrounding neighborhood to maximize resident satisfaction. Ask if residents attend local functions, activities, worship services, theaters and the like. Such outings give residents a chance to stretch their legs and take in some entertainment.

Nursing homes for Illinois' elderly community should be safe and supportive places for residents and their families. Should you ever grow concerned that your loved one is being neglected or abused in a home, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney.


Abstract: Illinois residents with aging loved ones should know what to look for in a nursing home to better avoid instances of neglect and abuse.

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Find out which questions to ask and what to look for in the facilities and staff while deciding on a nursing home for your loved one in Illinois. Read this article to understand why you should not automatically dismiss homes that have minor health or safety violations that are simply and quickly resolved.