How serious are car accidents in Illinois?

Illinois saw a significant jump in the number of people killed in automobile crashes in 2016 compared to the years before.

During the holiday season, many Illinois residents will see an increase in public awareness campaigns about the importance of not drinking and driving. The increasing availability of ridesharing is just one reason that should help people make safe and wise choices and hopefully contribute to fewer deaths on area roads.

Unfortunately, despite public service messages and the availability of Uber and Lyft, many people are still unwilling to make the changes needed in order to not only keep people safe but alive.

How many people are killed in car accidents in Illinois?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2016 was the single deadliest year on Illinois roads since 2007. Last year there were 1,082 people killed in motor vehicle accidents statewide. That is the greatest number of fatalities since 1,248 people died nine years prior.

Of those 1,082 deaths in 2016, alcohol was a stated factor in 315. Speeding was a factor in 418 of the deaths. In the five years spanning 2012 through 2016, almost 1,600 people lost their lives in Illinois in wrecks in which alcohol was involved. More than 1,900 people died in speeding-related accidents in that same time span.

How serious is the problem in Dupage County?

Dupage County was the location of 141 total vehicular fatalities between 2012 and 2016. A total of 32 of those deaths are said to have been influenced by alcohol. Speed was a factor in the deaths of 63 people in the county in that same time period.

What can be done to improve safety?

Clearly, strict laws, public awareness and education are not enough on their own to prevent drunk driving, speeding and distracted driving.

Forbes indicates that it may be 2045 at the earliest before autonomous cars fully take over American roads and only when this happens can accidents caused by drunk, negligent or distracted drivers really be eliminated. It seems to some that taking the driver out of driving is the only way to really keep innocent people out of harm's way.

What should people do after an accident?

A driverless society is likely a long way off so in the meantime, Illinois residents will continue to struggle with accident realities. After a crash caused by a negligent driver, a person should always reach out to an attorney to learn about ways to protect their rights and understand how they can recover for the damage caused by the accident.