Are Illinois residents ready for autonomous cars?

The emergence of autonomous vehicle technology is said to offer significant safety improvements but many consumers are still unsure.

People in Illinois have no doubt been hearing about the increasing level of testing and production of self-driving vehicles in America. The reason for the development of these cars makes sense when people consider that human decision making has a huge impact on the number of crashes that occur.

However, one cannot help but wonder just how willing the average person will be to give up their ability to control their car.

That topic has been the subject of much research and the results show that widespread adoption of or comfort with self-driving cars is not here yet.

AAA study shows some fear of self driving cars

A 2017 study by AAA reported that 78 percent of drivers in the United States were fearful of the thought of riding in an autonomous vehicle. These studies show that a significant number of people are fearful of riding in autonomous vehicles.

Poll shows widespread concern about sharing roads with self-driving cars

A poll released in January 2018 by the Advocates for Highway and Automobile Safety indicates that most people in the U.S. are not ready to share the road with autonomous vehicles. A whopping 64 percent responded that they were either somewhat concerned or very concerned about doing so.

Additionally, there is huge concern among consumers when it comes to automakers ability to disable controls. Three out of four people polled said they were not comfortable giving auto makers this much control. Three-fourths of respondents also indicated a desire for the government to develop safety standards for self-driving cars.

Humans like to be in control

Car and Driver magazine suggests that there is evidence in behavioral science that people feel safer when they are in control or when they feel that they are in control. The level of risk aversion a person experiences generally increases when control decreases. This fact may contribute to many drivers' hesitation about riding in driverless cars.

Accidents still require action

Whether an accident is caused by human error or a computer error, people in Illinois still deserve to be protected. After a crash occurs, those involved should always reach out to an attorney for help. If you or a loved one are hurt in a crash, call the attorneys at Collins Law Firm (630-527-1595) to speak with an attorney at no cost.