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Each year, thousands of people are involved in motorcycle accidents, and sadly, many of these people are seriously injured or killed. In 2015 alone, the most recent year for which statistics are available, 88,000 people were injured in motorcycle crashes, and 5029 were killed. Furthermore, motorcycle accidents are more deadly than car accidents. In fact, the fatality rate for motorcyclists involved in accidents is six time the rate for those involved in car crashes.

Many of these injuries and deaths are caused by the negligence of other drivers. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers, tired or inattentive drivers hurt and kill people. That is where we can help.

At The Collins Law Firm, getting compensation for personal injury victims is what we do. Our lawyers in Naperville, Illinois, have spent decades aggressively protecting accident victims and their families, and we know what it takes to get you the full compensation you deserve.

We have helped countless families facing medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering get the compensation they are entitled to under the law. Let us do the same for you. Contact our attorneys today to learn what we can do to help you obtain the recovery you deserve.

Our Attorneys Fight On Behalf Of Accident Victims

Whether you are hurt in a car accident, motorcycle crash, drunk driving accident or distracted driving crash, our lawyers can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and help you get back on your feet. While we will always keep you informed about the status of your case, your top priority should be getting better. As your attorneys, we can:

  • Gather all of the necessary evidence, including evidence from the accident scene and anything that led to the accident
  • Interview witnesses, victims and police officers
  • Retain the best experts to help prove your case
  • Give you the legal advice you need to strengthen your personal injury case, including making sure that all medical care is properly documented

Defending The Rights Of Individuals Hurt In Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentAll too often, drivers fail to look out for motorcycles on the highway and city streets. This is especially true in Illinois. If a driver has cut you off or turned straight into your bike, we can help you recover the money you are entitled to. Not only can we help get the compensation you need to fix your motorcycle, but we can also help you recover any lost wages and money needed to pay for medical bills.

We also assist our clients who have lost loved ones due to a fatal motorcycle accident. Recovering emotionally should be your top priority; allow us to shoulder the legal burden so you can begin to move forward with your life.

Do Not Wait: Call The Collins Law Firm For Aggressive Legal Representation

If you are in an accident, it is important to obtain legal representation quickly so your attorney can gather crucial evidence. Contact The Collins Law Firm today at 630-687-9838 or 866-480-8223, extension 221 for Shawn Collins or extension 226 for Edward Manzke, to schedule a free consultation with an experienced member of our legal team.